Our decisions affect our planet

Our business depends on the environment, and we have the power to decide how our business affects our planet. Protecting our environment contributes to the business’s sustainability and allows us to create a brighter future for the next generation.

Our group has a long history of comprehensive environmental measures across our operations to preserve natural resources and improve energy efficiency.

Cogeneration Plant

In our effort to lower carbon emissions, our cogeneration power plant delivers energy-efficient solutions for our manufacturing facilities. It provides an alternative energy source by recovering otherwise wasted heat from electricity generation to supply thermal energy for the production process.

Solar Panels

Our solar panel systems harness year-round sunlight, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by minimising reliance on fossil fuels. With an installed capacity of 2,284kWp, our Next Generation Integrated Manufacturing Complex exemplifies our commitment to clean, renewable energy.

Sustainable Water Management

Our production facility conserves water by using only 2% from municipal sources, while 98% is freshwater from local river. Our effluent water discharge consistently exceeds Department of Environment standards, achieving the highest rating (Standard A) to ensure environmental safety.

Sustainable Product and Packaging

At Mun, we are conscious of providing end-of-life solutions to our disposable products. That is why we developed GloveOn Avalon biodegradable nitrile gloves to curb the rising volume of clinical and disposable waste. In addition, more than 90% of our product packaging is made from recycled and/or renewable material to minimise environmental impact.