18 Jan, 2024

Mun Global and UKM Faculty of Dentistry Forge Stronger Ties with MoU Signing

Kuala Lumpur, 18 January 2024 – Mun Global and the Faculty of Dentistry, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) have formalised their partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The event took place on 18 January 2024, coinciding with the coating ceremony of year 3 dental students (Zuckerkandl batch) at UKM, marking a crucial juncture in their academic journey towards clinical care.

The MoU is a strategic move to enhance educational and research capabilities, endorsed by Mr. Lee Soon Saam (General Manager) and Alicia Lim Yi Jiun (Marketing and Branding Manager) of Mun Global, alongside UKM’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dato’ Gs. Ts. Dr. Mohd. Ekhwan Bin Hj. Toriman, and Prof. Dr. Tuti Ningseh Binti Mohd Dom, the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry.

Mr. Lee Soon Saam, General Manager of Mun Global, expressed pride in the collaboration, stating, “Mun Global is extremely proud to be associated with UKM, a beacon of academic brilliance in Malaysia and beyond. Our collaboration since 2018 represents our shared vision for the future of healthcare, emphasising the critical role that education and innovation play in shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals.”


As part of the collaboration, Mun Global is set to make a donation to UKM Faculty of Dentistry, featuring a patented product – GloveOn COATS. This innovative medical glove is coated with colloidal oatmeal, a unique feature designed to moisturise, protect, and soothe hardworking hands. Due to prolonged glove usage and frequent handwashing, we recognise the heightened risk of occupational skin diseases among healthcare professionals. Mun Global’s GloveOn COATS gloves aim to provide a solution that enhances comfort and protection.

“GloveOn COATS gloves are not just ordinary medical gloves; they are a testament to Mun Global’s commitment to the well-being of healthcare professionals. The colloidal oatmeal coating serves as a proactive measure against the challenges posed by frequent glove usage, providing relief to hardworking hands and enabling professionals to continue their service to the community with confidence,” explained Mr. Lee Soon Saam.

The donation of GloveOn COATS gloves is expected to significantly contribute to the welfare and occupational health of the students. As these aspiring healthcare professionals embark on their clinical care journey, the innovative gloves will play a crucial role in safeguarding their hands and ensuring a positive and sustainable experience in their daily practice.

The MoU not only reinforces the commitment to collaborative activities such as research and community service programs but also highlights Mun Global’s dedication to pioneering solutions that address the practical challenges faced by healthcare professionals. The synergy between Mun Global and UKM Faculty of Dentistry is poised to elevate the standards of healthcare education, research, and occupational health in Malaysia and beyond.